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Thread: Editing complex conditionals

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    Editing complex conditionals

    I'm writing a somewhat complex conditional for controlling shades (based on time-of-day, temperature sensors, light sensors, and weather forecast). Finished my first pass and realized that I need a top-level if statement to wrap around the whole thing :)It seems like it isn't possible to add a new statement that wraps around existing statements. Is that right? I also can't collapse and drag a block to move it. Any way I can do this without having to re-write the whole thing? Somewhere outside of the designer software maybe? It would be nice if there was a way to import/export conditional logic to make editing easier (in something like XML). Would also be easier if Actions themselves could contain conditional logic - then you could have blocks of logic in different Actions and be able to compose them more easily

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    The conditional programming isn't very friendly. I believe the program goes through all of the conditions from top to bottom every time the button is pressed so it shouldn't matter where your wrap-around condition is. Emphasis on shouldn't.

    I believe the program uses Microsoft SQL. A SQL programmer might be able to do something with it. That may also violate the Terms of Usage.

    Your statement is still valid. We should be able to import/export between programs. Copy/paste is hard because you can't have 2 SQL files open at the same time.
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