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Thread: Replaced bridge with pro - one set of lights now flashing when using alexa to turn on

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    Replaced bridge with pro - one set of lights now flashing when using alexa to turn on

    Dunno if anybody has encountered this before but today I swapped out a Lutron Caseta bridge for the Pro so I could integrate with Hubitat.After I finished adding all Caseta switches to the bridge pro, I have one set of lights that when turned on and off with Alexa, about 75% of the time the lights flash on and off every second or so. They work fine when turned on with the physical switch. I had zero issues with the lights which have been on the old bridge for 9 months and the bulbs are Caseta compatible. I googled a ton and people kept saying to replace bulbs with compatible bulbs. Not the issue here so I haven't found any useful info. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks!

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    update, i used alexa to reduce brightness 10% at a time. when i got to 10% the lights stopped blinking. i then told alexa to increase to max and no issues. so i've found if lights are off, and i turn on to 10% (via alexa), then increase to max (via alexa), there is no blinking.perhaps it's working with the switch because it gradually fades up the brightness vs alexa which jumps straight to the max state?? i'm not sure what to do with this info though to solve the problem

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    I have the exact same issue, I’ve tried it with Alexa and Siri and both cause the flashing issue when turning the lights on. Don’t have a Google device but I’m sure it would cause the flashing as well. The only way to get them to stop the flashing when turned on is to set them to 10% as mentioned and then ramp up to 100%. I’m using the non-neutral PD-6WCL and have contemplated replacing it with the ELV model which does use the neutral, but at double the price of the PD-6WCL and no way of knowing that it will fix the problem I’ve been reluctant to do it.

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