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Thread: Caseta 3 way dimmer not working

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    Caseta 3 way dimmer not working

    Hello, I currently trying to get my 6th dimmer switch in a 3-way setting to work. I've installed 5 other ones in the house just like this in a 3 way and worked flawlessly. I followed the directions here on the advanced install guide 2-6. In location 1 is the 3 wires wired together with one tagged replaced with pico switch. On the 2nd location is where i have the dimmer switch the 2 untagged wires are tied together on 1 black wire from the dimmer and the other tagged wire to the 2nd black wire. I've confirmed that the 2 untagged wires on location 2 is the travelers and both are hot from the 1st location. The tagged wired in location 2 has no voltage. However when I turn on the switch the lights on the switch will come up briefly and when i turn it up the LEDs will light up and then shut off. Meanwhile the lights outside are flashing very fast and shutting off then intermittently flash then turn off. Heres a video of what is happening to the switch. Video Advanced guide i used. it possible that there is a 4 way switch or another switch controlling this load that I dont know?

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    Good troubleshooting skills! Because the travelers are tied together at both ends, a 4-way "should" not affect the dimmer. You said you verified the travelers but I would check them again to make sure they are both coming from the same cable. It is possible the 3-way was miswiried before. You can test the wiring but touching the single black to the black/red pair. The lights should stay on with no flicker, etc.

    You should also check the bulbs. There may be a compatibility issue. You may need a neutral or reverse phase dimmer.
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