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Thread: Two sets of lights always on

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    Two sets of lights always on

    I'm new to this so please bear with me. Our whole house is RA2, I think. We bought the house with system already installed. After a recent power outage two of the lights in different parts of the house will not turn off. One is a stand alone Pico and the other is part of a bedroom sweet cluster. Any suggestions?

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    Hi gmort, if the one control is just a Pico remote then it's not physically controlling the lights. There will be a dimmer or switch somewhere that is wired to those lights. If this is a Radio Ra2 system then I would suggest finding a local dealer that come out and take a look at the systems. If any controls need to be defaulted or added back to the system then you will need a certified dealer with the Radio Ra2 programming software. You can find a dealer in your area by using our Where to Buy page here:

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    Thank you Mike. I was hoping for a way to resync the line. Guess not.

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    On the main dimmer, pull the FASS (pull-out tab at the bottom). Wait ~30 seconds and push it back in. Give it a minute or so to power up.

    You mentioned RA2 but this is the Caseta forum. Either way, try rebooting the bridge or main repeater.

    Try controlling the dimmer with the app. You can also reassign the dimmer using the app.
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