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Thread: How to prevent manual shut-off

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    How to prevent manual shut-off

    I intend to use this motion sensor in a closet. I want to prevent someone that is in the closet from turning the light out without the light coming back on within seconds. I have an MS-OPS2H switch. This is a security issue. Is this possible with this switch. If not, which model do I need?

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    The MS-OPS2, MS-OPS5M, and MS-OP6M2x have a feature called "exit time delay." If you manually turn the switch off, auto-on is disabled for 25 seconds. This allows you to leave the room without your motion turning the lights back on. I don't believe there is a way to modify or disable this feature.

    They also have a feature called "off while occupied." The example they give is where you want the lights off in a classroom for a projector but you don't want the speakers movement to turn the lights back on. It doesn't sound like this is what you are looking for though.

    You could use a RPS sensor with a Caseta switch. I would check with tech support to confirm it will do what you want though.
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