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Thread: Porting Select system to RA2

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    Porting Select system to RA2

    I've been helping a friend upgrade from Select. I've never installed or programmed a Select system, so forgive my ignorance about its differences from RA2. A couple questions:

    (1) Is there a way to export his Select settings? I'd like to be able to save as pdf, xls, etc., so that I can use the info to best replicate his preferences/labels in the new RA2 programming.

    (2) Is it possible to "mass reset" his devices? He only has about 8-10 installed so far, mostly PRO and plug-in dimmers, but it'd be great if I don't have to go around and factory reset each device manually. Is it possible to somehow deactivate and reset everything from the Select Bridge or app?

    (3) Any other tips on implementing this changeover? My plan:
    - design the system to look/feel as much as possible like what he's already using
    - reset all his devices and remove the Select bridge
    - install the new repeater & Connect
    - activate and deploy
    Is it wishful thinking to assume it can be that easy? Any advice appreciated.

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    (1) There are no reports in R2S. The only thing you could do is "edit" the scene or event and write down the settings.

    (2) Each device must be reset manually. Here is a video of our very own SDR-Mike demonstrating the reset procedure.

    (3) It's not too bad. Sometimes you have to move the repeaters around to get the best RF coverage.

    The big advantage of RR2 is the keypads. That will be a different look and feel than they currently have.
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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    Thanks Randy...I appreciate your input. I was afraid of the first two.....having to write down all the settings and the manual resets. (Ugh...I think he has lots of Picos) Oh well.

    He's currently getting adequate coverage with his Select repeater location, so I'm assuming the RR2 & Connect will work there too.

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    I've never worked with Select, but an alternative to writing stuff down could be capturing screenshots on the phone. I had to do that when I switched from my Connect Bdg 1 to a Connect Bdg 2 in order to remember all of my Alexa settings. Worked very well.

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    Good idea! Thanks!

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