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Thread: Convert from S2-L to Caseta wireless dimmer question

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    Question Convert from S2-L to Caseta wireless dimmer question

    Hi. I just installed three Caseta wireless dimmers with no issues. Now I am converting a double dimmer (Lutron S2-L Skylark) to one Caseta wireless dimmer (there were 4 ceiling lights on one pole and 2 ceiling lights on the second pole and I am bringing them together to be controlled by one Caseta wireless dimmer. There is one black, one yellow, one red and one green (ground I guess) wire. I assume the green goes to green. How do I match these wires to the two black wires on the caseta wireless?

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    The wires attached to the red and yellow will be combined and attach to one of the blacks on the Caseta. The other black will go to the remaining black wire on the Caseta.
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