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Thread: Set lamp to turn on for 5 minutes only?

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    Set lamp to turn on for 5 minutes only?

    Hello, I'm an iOS/Homekit user, with the Caseta Wireless SmartBridge. I have a lamp dimmer plug in and Pico remote, which I'd like to use for this purpose: I'd like to have my 4-year old be able to use a Pico remote right by his bed, to turn it on for five minutes. That would be just enough time for him to go use the bathroom (scared to get up without a light, and he's yelling for us, which obviously isn't ideal). But we want the light to turn off quickly so he doesn't try to use it as an excuse to stay awake. So far, I'm not seeing any settings to allow this. Is it possible?


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    You could set the pico to the plug in wall dimmer NOT on the system, then use one of the battery occupancy sensors to turn it off. It would not be in the system, as the radio occ sensors do not work with Caseta, but do work standalone.
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