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Thread: Issues with Grafik T devices

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    Issues with Grafik T devices

    Hello;Already installed several Grafik T devices on this project, having issues when they are ganged.First issue the dimension, pretty tight installation, too deep too wide even for a deep box when you need to accommodate all switch legs, travelers, neutrals, etc.Second issue, always when ganged, the plate seems not to fit correctly so the dimmer/switch do not work properly, some times gets stuck on the On position, won't dim/off the lamp, pressing the plate near the buttons make the dimmer/switch operate. Those are not expected behaviors for such expensive products.Has anyone experienced the same or similar problems...???

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    Deep boxes are always an issue with the digital dimmers. I suggest looking into Allied Moulded P series- Use the P241, P442, P643, and P764. The P764 is big enough for a Graphic Eye/WPM. I used to sell these to my RA2 customers and they are the deepest and easiest to use, short of the metal masonry boxes. Lutron plates are a two piece design, so using them is a bit different than normal plates. Leave your dimmer/switch slightly loose in the box when screwing in. Then screw the base plate to the devices. This should line them up perfectly. Then finish the devices screws.
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    Got called again from my customer for the same issue... well I called Lutron’s Support Line and no solution was offered so I had to solve this.
    I noticed that the dimmers would work fine when the wallplate was removed so it had something to do with it.
    Solution: just make sure your Grafik T devices are aligned 200%, I loose the screws a little bit, made sure they were perfectly aligned, put the plate back and voilá .... happy client!!!

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