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Thread: RA2 SELECT Basic Question

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    RA2 SELECT Basic Question

    I have installed RadioRA2 in one very large house. I am now beginning a RA2 Select installation at a home requiring less than 100 components, with an owner who prefers the simplicity of the app. I have one very basic question: when using the RA2 SELECT components, what is the relationship with other switches / dimmers in a multi-switch condition? As in: if I have a hallway that is controlled by switches / dimmers in FIVE different locations, can I simply insert ONE RA2 SELECT component--dimmer OR switch--and have that act as the Master to that grouping, in order to connect the system via a Pico switch? Or by the App?

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    You need to replace one of the existing switches with a RadioRA dimmer. You will need to replace the remaining switches with companion dimmers (RD-RD). Companion dimmers don't have radios so they don't count towards the 100 device limit.
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