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Thread: Setting a scene off with conditional logic

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    Setting a scene off with conditional logic

    I have a system with security lighting that must come on in one of two modes, dependant on a time of day variable and an alarm armed/disarmed variable.I have (working) conditional logic that will set the right scene on when an input (contact closure) goes closed, but can't see a way to simply "toggle" the scene off when the contact goes open. The only way I've found to get it going so far, is to create a duplicate scene with all fixtures set to 0/off, and call that.Is there a way of doing it with just one global scene?

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    If you are using a QSE-IO, you can program both the "close" and "open" events. Unfortunately both have to be the same button type (i.e. conditional). You will need another "action" for when the contact opens.
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