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Thread: How to Tell If Electrician Used Electronic Dimmer For Low Voltage Lights

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    How to Tell If Electrician Used Electronic Dimmer For Low Voltage Lights

    I have three pendants on a single circuit which have integrated low voltage transformers in the lights. The transformer in one pendants has died after 15 months. Light manufacturing is asking if the correct type of dimmer was used. The electrician installed a Lutron dimmer on the circuit, but I can’t tell if he used the correct model of Lutron dimmer switch (thinking I need a DIVA DVELV-303P but I can’t tell what he installed.) Also, he installed a standard on-off switch (without dimmer) at a second location on this circuit. So I have two questions 1) Is there a way to determine the model number by looking at the dimmer switch? When I look at the pictures of switches on various spec sheets I can’t find any differences between many of the pictures/switches. 2) It is OK to install a standard on/off switch on a circuit with electronic transformer light, assuming the other switch on that circuit is the correct electronic dimmer for 12 volt transformer lights.

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    You remove the dimmer from the wall. It will have a sticker on the side with the model number. Lutron ELV dimmers also use a yellow wire for the load (vs red for non-ELV).

    Mechanical 3-way dimmers (Diva, Ariadni, and some electronic dimmers (Maestro, Caseta, can be used with standard, mechanical 3-way and 4-way switches at the other locations.

    There is an update to the DVELV. Look for the DVRP (reverse phase). The DVELV is pre-LED. The DVRP has updated with LED in mind.
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