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Thread: Problem With Commercial Electric Can Light with Night Light

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    Question Problem With Commercial Electric Can Light with Night Light

    Hello,I have been installing my Caseta system along with many Commercial Electric can retrofit lights that also have a night light ring. See here: The way these work is when you turn the switch on, the main bright light turns on. Then if you switch the light switch off and back on again, the night light ring turns on. Turn the switch off and on again, and you're back to the main light, and so on. If the light sits off for any amount of time (1+ minutes), it defaults to the main light on the next power on. According to the spec sheet, these are compatible with the Caseta dimmer (P-PKG1W-WH-R): However I'm having many problems: 1) Sometimes won't turn on at all 2) Will turn on with some in main light mode and some in night light mode (out of sync) 3) Turn on in different order/delayed instead of all on at the same time. 4) I've also had it trip the breaker when turning on. These problems seem to go away if the lights are "warm" as in if they have been sitting there on and in-sync for a little bit. 5) Assuming I can get the above problems fixed, there is another problem. Lets say I want to automatically program the night light to turn on at a certain (time like at night ;-)). This would involve the following schedule: turning the light off (to ensure we start at off), on, off and then back on again. But the minimum interval between these schedules that I can select is 1 minute, and that's too long between on/offs and it won't ever go into night light mode. Can we get the ability to select hour, minute and seconds as a scheduled time instead of just hour and minute? Also, these lights work well in my bathroom including the night light function with the Masetro dimmer. It's just the Caseta that doesn't work.

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    I'm surprised this works with any dimmer. The widget that determines which light to turn on has to operate with power levels ranging from 1% to 100%.

    To test, I would put the Caseta dimmer in the location where you have a Maestro.

    I would also try the Caseta neutral dimmer (PD-10NXD). The non-neutral dimmer (PD-6WCL) is designed to work with screw-in LED bulbs.

    Since you have fixtures coming on at different times, it could be a wiring issue. Anything from a shared neutral to something on that circuit (TV, microwave, etc.). Arc fault breakers look for electronic noise in a specific frequency range. The noise gets multiplied with each transformer/driver and dimmer.
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    Similar problem

    Hey did you ever get this problem figured out? I’m having a similar problem... I have the same inserts, but am using a levition smart dimmer switch. It works good from the switch and with the app, but there is a delay when I use Siri to turn the lights on and off. I can setup the delay and fade time in the apps, and that allows me to get it right with the main lights, but when I have her turn it on a second time I get a mismatch the same as you reported. So I’m just wondering if you’ve found a switch that will work in conjunction with these lights and voice command? Thanks!

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    For me, this was never a problem. I'm still interested if you figured out how to deal with this. I hope that everything turned out alright for you. When I bought my home, I wanted some fancy lightning, and my friend instantly recommended I not wait for a miracle. His advice was to contact the best light company. Their services are budget-friendly, and if you're short on money, they're the best option on the market. They offer some excellent outdoor and indoor lighting that is not so easy to find. Litelume is working with a multitude of partners within the LED Lighting Industry. The quality didn't disappoint my family and me. Hope that my advice will help some of you!

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