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Thread: 'Downloading System Configuration' in app - how often and how slow?

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    'Downloading System Configuration' in app - how often and how slow?

    Just curious - how often should I expect to be seeing that "downloading system configuration" message when I open the app? And how long should it take to resolve itself? Right now I probably see it every couple of days and it can take as much as a minute (maybe more?) for it to complete. We have about 120 devices on our system. Is this typical? What exactly is it doing that it needs to 'download' so often?

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    That doesn't sound bad for a system of that size. Mine takes about 30-45 seconds and I only have ~40 devices. I don't know exactly what causes it but the app does check to see if there have been any edits. If so, it downloads the whole XML file again. I think if you leave the network and return (like going to work) it may download again when you reconnect.

    It's not just the XML download. It generates controls for each zone, keypads, and timed events. It would be typical of Lutron's sledgehammer programming to redo the whole XML file and not just the items that have changed.
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    As far as I know, it should only have to redownload the system configuration if you:1. Sign out of the app account and sign back in.2. Sign in from outside the local WiFi.3. Update something on the system.If you are on the local WiFi and close the app completely without signing out, and then reopen it on the local WiFi, the app shouldn't need to update itself.

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