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Thread: smartbridge pro 2 and telnet problem

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    Question smartbridge pro 2 and telnet problem

    logging in as lutron/integrationany and all commands come back as such (attached).yes, most times I need to log in twice with exactly same credentials.Please help me get past my command line ignoranceand apparently forum ignorance too. as I cannot attach and image so pasted the telnet screen results instead.login: lutronpassword: integrationlogin: lutronpassword: integrationGNET> ?HELP~ERROR,6 GNET>thanks

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    Forum reformatted my text. not sure whysupposed to look like this:login: lutronpassword: integrationlogin: lutronpassword: integrationGNET> ?HELP~ERROR,6 GNET>Good Grief, Forum will not let me format this correctly,.....I give up....grrrrr!

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    I don't know of anyone using telnet to manipulate Caseta, other than third party control systems. I would give Lutron tech a call for help on this. And for the formatting, I've been fighting that for almost a year- very frustrating that it's only this forum site that I have a problem.
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