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Thread: smartbridge pro 2 and telnet problem

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    Question smartbridge pro 2 and telnet problem

    logging in as lutron/integrationany and all commands come back as such (attached).yes, most times I need to log in twice with exactly same credentials.Please help me get past my command line ignoranceand apparently forum ignorance too. as I cannot attach and image so pasted the telnet screen results instead.login: lutronpassword: integrationlogin: lutronpassword: integrationGNET> ?HELP~ERROR,6 GNET>thanks

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    Forum reformatted my text. not sure whysupposed to look like this:login: lutronpassword: integrationlogin: lutronpassword: integrationGNET> ?HELP~ERROR,6 GNET>Good Grief, Forum will not let me format this correctly,.....I give up....grrrrr!

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    I don't know of anyone using telnet to manipulate Caseta, other than third party control systems. I would give Lutron tech a call for help on this. And for the formatting, I've been fighting that for almost a year- very frustrating that it's only this forum site that I have a problem.
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    I use the telnet integration all the time. I have a Raspberry Pi that servers as a proxy between a Caseta and RA2 system to proxy commands from one to the other. What is the issue you are having?BTW the implementation on the Caseta bridge is much smaller than the RA2 implementation and the documentation is pretty much non existent for CasetaI will no longer need this bridge now that Caseta has their own occupancy sensors

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