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Thread: How do you "see" a caseta in a dark room

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    How do you "see" a caseta in a dark room

    Been experimenting with a Caseta dimmable unit. Vertical LEDs are useful to see where the dimming range is set. However, I have not been able to figure out if there's an always-on single LED so you can find the device in a dark room?

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    All Caseta Dimmers/Switches have green indicator lights on them. When in the on position they are bright. However, when the unit is turned off they are still illuminated at a low level so that the device can be located in the dark. All seven indicator lights on the dimmer and one indicator light on the switch will glow in the off position so that they can be seen at night.

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    All of the LEDs glow when the load is off. You can turn the feature on/off with some Maestro models. There is no way to edit or adjust the function in Caseta.
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