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Thread: Programming a button to Override CCI based action

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    Programming a button to Override CCI based action

    Hello. I'm hoping someone out there can assist with programming ideas for the following challenge:Client has a building used mostly as a museum but, is frequently used for entertaining larger events. There is a small lounge area with his private entrance. There is a Lenel access control system in place that allows staff to remotely trigger a couple scenes (all on/off etc.) The access control panel is connected to the HWQS system via QSE-IO. If the client enters the space through his private entrance, the access control panel will trigger a scene for him. This all works well.The request: While entertaining, after lighting levels have been set for an event (ex: dinner, live entertainment, or video presentation) if the client or someone enters through the private entrance, the CCI triggers the scene that then changes the level of the lighting in these entertaining areas. Obviously, this is less than ideal in the middle of an intimate dinner or video presentation. They have requested a way to have a temporary override for this action... such as a SeeTouch button that turns on/off the CCI function; as can be done with Away / Vacation modes. I was thinking that using the Home / Away / Vacation would be a good solution. Also, I was thinking that a SeeTouch button could be used to set a variable and the CCI action would be a conditional that checks the state of the variable. Anyone with thoughts / Suggestions?

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    You could do this with variables. Make an "Event" variable that gets set to ON when someone initiates an event scene. Then make the CCI functions conditionals- if the Event Variable is on (event scene active), then the CCI trigger does nothing. If it is OFF then the CCI trigger can do the personal scene. When the Event is over have a button (like Lights Off or whatever you have to shut off the scene) that sets the Event Variable off.

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    Thanks spammer!

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