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Thread: Lutron Maestro occupancy sensor stops working after 5 minutes or so

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    Question Lutron Maestro occupancy sensor stops working after 5 minutes or so

    I installed this new motion sensor switch. Everything works fine after I activate the sensor length of time to stay on. it will work until there is no activity after 5 or 10 minutes then it will only work manually. If I reset it again it will turn on with motion until it is left alone a while then it resets back to manual on off only? Any ideas? I am guessing its not a bad switch and something in the wiring hook up. Note: the blue wire in capped off, the ground wires and black wires are connected...

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    If your sensor has a "V" in the model number (ex: M-VPS5) it is a vacancy only sensor and won't automatically turn on.

    Most of the sensors have a "off-while-occupied" feature. If you are doing a class presentation, you don't want the lights turning on/off when the instructor moves around. If OWO is active, the lights won't change until you reset the sensor.
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