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Thread: Dimmable T8 tubes or panels with high CRI (90 and above)

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    Dimmable T8 tubes or panels with high CRI (90 and above)

    This is probably a pipe dream but are there any out there that are dimmable with a 6WCL? I'm trying to replace two quad 48" fluorescent fixtures and i already installed the 6WCL.

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    Hello elwood,Thank you for your post! Unfortunately, the Caseta Wireless PD-6WCL dimmer is only rated for line voltage screw in base type bulbs that are either Incandescent/Halogen/CFL/LED. The T8 tubes that you are referring too typically utilize a ballast and the manufacturer of that ballast would have to confirm dimming compatibility. In order for the PD-6WCL dimmer to function here, you would more than likely need to look towards an alternative LED fixture that is capable of being dimmed through a forward phase cut TRIAC based dimmer like the PD-6WCL. Hope this helps!-JustinF

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