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Thread: Need help to install DVCL-153PH

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    Need help to install DVCL-153PH

    I need help I can’t get the dimmer to work. The lights are not turning on. My old dimmer switch was the lightmates digital touchscreen dimmer tad-1000. It had 4 wires - 1 black, 1 blue, 1 white and green ground wire. The light socket has 2 cables each with 2 wires- 1 black and 1 grey. The old switch was connected as follows: blue to black, black to black, white connected to the 2 grey wires tied together. Ground was not connected.

    Now I’m trying to connect the new DVCL-153 dimmer switch with 4 wires- 1 black, 1 red, 1 red/white and green ground wire. I connected black to black, red to black. Now I tried leaving red/white not connected, and also tried connecting it to the 2 grey wires. Same results.
    When I try to turn on the switch, nothing happens. The lights are not coming on. I have the Phillips led bulbs model 9290003580.
    I bought the newer model PAR40 bulbs and still can’t get the lights to turn on.
    Any ideas I can try?

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    The gray wires must be connected together. Power comes into the DVCL on the black lead and goes out to the light on the red lead. If you reverse the 2 connections the dimmer will not work. The red/white is only used when you have more than one location. If you had he red/white connected to the gray you probably tripped the breaker/blew a fuse. You can bypass the dimmer (for testing) by connecting the 2 black wires that were connected to the original dimmers.
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    Thank you for the info. I’ll bypass the dimmer to test.
    It sounds like I blew the dimmer. At one point I had the connections reserved. I had the red wire connected to the gray wires and I lost all connections in the room, including tv and internet. I found the circuit breaker tripped. After I connected the red wire to one of the black wires the breaker worked and the tv and internet came back except the lights.

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