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Thread: Troubleshooting Flickering LEDs

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    Troubleshooting Flickering LEDs

    I am trying to figure out how to go about troubleshooting an LED flickering issue. I just installed a new RRD-PRO on a circuit with two fixtures - one fixture has 2 new Hyperikon 14w LED bulbs, the other fixture has 5 old LEDs and 1 new Hyperikon. When dimmed to about 50% (e.g when they turn off) the 3 new Hyperikon bulbs flicker. On other RRD-PRO controlled fixtures, the same Hyperikons do not flicker when dimmed.

    In terms of solutions:
    1) I've read a bit about neutral interaction. The RRD-PRO has its netural wire hooked up and I haven't tried disconnecting it as it's in a 3-gang box that is a bear to work in and I prefer this as a last resort. Flickering happens regardless of whether other lights in the house are on or off.

    2) I've seen mention of the Lutron LUT-MLC - is this a possible solution? Note, the load and neutral wires for the fixture are located in a different gang box (not the dreaded 3-gang) which means I could install the LUT-MLC in a box that has room and is easy to work in.

    3) Should I try ordering a bunch different LEDs to see if one brand works? It seems there are very few Lutron approved higher wattage bulbs. The whole LED market seems like such a mess. Find one bulb today that works, 5 years later it may no longer be available and the search for compatible bulbs starts over.

    Note, the Hyperikon LEDs are 100W Equivalent (14W) part #192200431.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hyperikon has very little technical information on their website. I was able to find a recommended dimmer list (link below) which is just as bad as their webpage. Anyway, they state you should use an ELV dimmer. The list actually contains reverse phase and forward phase dimmers. You could try putting the PRO in reverse phase. The "old LEDs" might not like reverse phase though.

    You mentioned something about the neutral and switch leg being in another box. The dimmer and the lights must use the same neutral. You can't borrow a neutral from another circuit. There may be more than 1 circuit in the 3-gang box.

    Lutron generally doesn't recommend the MLC be used with dimmers. It has been used in with dimmers but for some reason they don't recommend it. I don't think minimum load is your issue anyway.
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    A different bulb took care of it. I went with a LUNO A21 Dimmable LED Bulb, 15W. Didn't realize how much bigger an A21 is over and A19! But it fit and dims off without a flicker. Much easier solution than dealing with neutrals. Thanks for your input.

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