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Thread: Lithonia and forward vs reverse phase & compatibility

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    Lithonia and forward vs reverse phase & compatibility

    hello all, This is my first post and I'm not a lighting professional, but found myself excited about smart lighting etc like Caseta so here I am 'drinking from the fire hose' of knowledge on this forum and have a question(s) about forward and reverse phase. I'm working on a new construction and predominately Lithonia 3" cans: 3BE, 3IG and l2led. When I go to their website, I don't see anything on their datasheets that mention if they are forward vs reverse phase, so I'm not sure if to install 10NXD or 5NE switches. ? Additionally, I checked the webpage, and don't seem to understand how to research if these cans have been tested there. Can I get a quick and dirty on how to use the tool to do that? thanks, best, dmznola

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    Forward phase is sometimes called leading edge or incandescent. Reverse phase is sometimes called trailing edge or ELV.

    The data sheet for the 3BE list several Lutron dimmers on page 2. All of them are forward phase. The don't show any Caseta dimmers. That doesn't mean they won't work, just that they haven't tested them. I would do my own experiment before I invested too heavily in them.

    There are 2 primary tools at With the LED Compatibility Tool, you specify the bulb you have/want OR the dimmer you have and it will generate a list of compatible products.

    You have more options with the LED Report Card Tool.
    Fixture/lamp type: If you know the lamp type, entering it will shorten the results list.
    Control Technology: I would leave at "select all."
    Lutron Contol: Select the dimmer you have/want. You can select multiple devices by using CTRL-CLICK.
    Manufacturer: If you have a preferred manufacturer, select them. Otherwise leave at "select all."

    Uncheck the voltages you don't want. 240v CE and low voltage should probably be unchecked. Uncheck display fixtures tested in last 2 years.
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    RandyC, thank you for your response. I guess I'll buy about one of everything in the Caseta line and test the Forward Phase 10NXD first and go from there. Also thanks for the LED tool instructions. best, DMZNOLA

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