I have a question I was hoping you could help me with. I have 45 devices set up and scenes set up in Lutron that work almost instantly when triggered via the app or with say Google Assistant. But with Homekit, they don't allow for Lutron Scenes to be called, so I set up basically the same scenes in Homekit that control the lights just like Lutron do (turn some off, turn some to 50% etc). My problem is that Homekit scene control of the lutron devices are very slow. For instance, If I trigger a scene nothing happens for maybe 3 seconds then some lights start changing, and the last of lights on the scene don't change state until sometimes 20 seconds after initiating the scene.I am using an Apple TV 4k hardwired to gigabit fiber connection as the Homekit hub, an iPhone 11 Pro Max to trigger the scene (or a macbook pro) and the Lutron hub is hardwired and connected to the same wifi router (Netgear Orbi) as the apple tv hub.Can you help me figure out why the scenes triggered via Homekit are so slow?