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Thread: POE splitters

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    POE splitters

    Just wondering if anybody has any experience using these (or something like it) to power main repeaters.https://www.en.adiglobaldistribution...uct/YC-POS1002 The idea being main repeaters could be mounted anywhere with a network jack and without 120vac. The ability to initiate resets from a single outlet, multiple disparate main repeaters is what got me thinking about these. Never trying these before, I just wanted to make sure there was no red flags i should know about.ThanksBarry

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    I purchased this POE splitter : and it has been rock solid for my main repeater.

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    This is a great idea. I was talking with an engineer from Lutron a few months back an mentioned POE for repeaters- he was wondering why we would want this. I explained for your reason above (remote reset, anywhere in the network) and the fact that it would make rack install much easier without the plug in power supply- we have enough of those already.
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