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Thread: LED humming with Diva ELV300 dimmer

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    LED humming with Diva ELV300 dimmer

    We installed 2 LED bath fixtures. Modern Forms Shimmer, 32W each, single pole, that the specs list as dimmable with an ELV switch. The ordinary on/off light switch is fine. I tried a 150W Lutron dimmer and the LED light humms. The light fixture manufacturer recommended the Diva ELV300. I tried that one and the fixtures still humm. Any explanation as to why they are humming and what dimmer switch will work without the humm? Thanks.

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    Hello My two cents,We are sorry to hear about the issue you are having with this application. Unfortunately, there is currently very little industry standard when it comes to manufacturing LEDs and the performance will vary greatly from one to the next. When LEDs are used on a dimming control, depending on the design of the LED, they can produce high current spikes. These high spikes may cause the fixtures or the dimmer itself to produce an audible buzz or hum. Due to design and manufacturing variation, the volume of this buzz will differ from one to the next. The DVELV-300P is technically an "ELV Dimmer", however via the spec @ you will see that it is not technically rated for LED Lighting loads. We would instead recommend giving the Lutron Diva DVRP-253P ELV dimmer that is rated for LED's a shot to see if it reduces the audible buzzing/humming you are hearing. Please note there is no way for us to be able to confirm definitively that this dimming control will yield a less audible buzzing. For more information on this product, please see our support site @ this information helps! -JustinF

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