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Thread: vive firmupdate

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    vive firmupdate

    i have downloaded the most current Vive Firmware ( firmware update. downloaded the file. then went to my vive hub and uploaded the file. starts to work then tells me i have an incorrect version.need help on site at end user now.thank you

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    Good Afternoon Citizen! You happen to have a Vive Hub with some older firmware on it by the sound of it. This is easy to fix, simply follow the steps below!Quick note: If the hub's wired network is connected AND the hub has access to the internet then unplug the wired connection from the hub and use the hub's built in WiFi.This is to avoid the hub adjusting the time back to current time using a protocol called NTP. If the hub does not have access to the internet this will not be a problem.Steps:1.Adjust the date on the laptop to Feb 2, 2018. The time is unimportant2.Connect to the Vive hub and log in3.Click on the gear icon at the top of the web page4.Navigate to "location and settings"5.Click on "use time and date from my device"6.Verify the date on the hub is now Feb 2, 20187.Firmware upgrade the hub to the latest edition by following the normal procedure8.Reset the date back to the current dateGood luck Citizen I'm off to parts unknown to battle wasteful energy use and regulations!

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