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Thread: Pico Favorite in RA2 Select

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    Pico Favorite in RA2 Select

    In RA2 Select, does the Pico favorite button behave as in Caseta, where it only controls devices associated with that Pico, or as in RA2, where its programming is more flexible? I've never set up Caseta or Select, but trying to help with this request in a Select installation: a PRO dimmer controls the overhead light, a 3BRL controls the lamps, owner wants the Pico favorite button to set both lights to preset level. I know how to do it in RA2, but can't even find where to edit the favorite button in his Lutron app. Is this possible in Select?

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    I believe it is the same as Caseta.
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    Thanks for confirming....I was afraid of that.

    Because he's early in his installation and already running into Select's limitations, I'm inclined to recommend that he cut his losses and upgrade to RR2. As best I can tell, he'd only be out the cost of Select's dedicated repeater, correct? I don't see any other devices that are Select-specific.

    Considering this upgrade, is there any indication that Lutron might release an updated RR2 main repeater anytime soon? The current one's a bit long in the tooth, and it'd be nice to tell him he doesn't also need to buy a Connect bridge.

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