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Thread: When to use ELV switch

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    Question When to use ELV switch

    Hello, I'm new to this and a little confused. Is ELV required for any LED light control ? Are LED necessarily low-voltage ? I'd like to control a set of ~6 recessed LED (i think GU10) and this ( For the Stix, it says ELV in the specs so I have my answer.What about the recessed LED ? Can I use the non ELV which is cheaper ? For 3-way control, 1 will be a fancy switch with the little led dot on the side but the other has to be a pico right ?Thank you guys !

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    "Low voltage" is a carryover from the incandescent era. Some bulbs, like MR-16s, require low voltage input. There are low voltage MR16 LEDs but, unless your fixture was designed for MR16 LED, DON'T do it!! GU10s are similar to MR16s but use 120 volts.

    All LEDs have a driver. The driver conditions the power, including changing the voltage, to match the requirements of the LED. In some cases the driver is built into the LED itself, like the 60-watt screw-in replacements. In others, the driver is separate from the bulb.

    There are 3 basic types of drivers.

    Non-dim. Exactly what it says.

    Forward phase. Sometimes called leading edge or incandescent.

    Reverse phase. Sometimes called trailing edge or ELV.

    Forward and reverse phase refers to where on the AC sine wave the dimming takes place. They can not be mixed and are not interchangeable. If the manufacturer is calling for and ELV dimmer or says they have an ELV driver, you MUST use the ELV dimmer.
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