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Thread: HVAC causing Occupancy Sensors to false?

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    HVAC causing Occupancy Sensors to false?

    Has anyone else had issues where occupancy sensors seemingly turn on by ghosts?

    I'm assuming that it's HVAC related, but I've seen this a few times. I can't quite figure out if it's strictly an HVAC issue or something else. System has been up and running for a few years, and it always happens in the same two rooms, one if which is a window-less closet...

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    It is possible that the passive infrared is picking up the change from the HVAC. Have you tried to manually lower the sensitivity on the unit? Generally, this doesn't happen to Lutron sensors, but in a closet you may be able to push enough air to trigger the sensor. There's a spec as to how far away from the vents you should have the sensor, but I don't have it off hand.
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    I had to set the sensitivity down to the lowest setting - since doing this, the issue hasn't happened...

    The closet has no HVAC vents, and in the other room, the HVAC is on the opposite side of the room - like 15 feet away...

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