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Thread: Integration with Google Home

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    Integration with Google Home

    Hi there,Just picked up a smart bridge and am integrating the dimmer switch withGoogle Home. Everything went very well and in the Lutron app, everything is perfect. In Google Home, it says that the app is linked and there are four devices, which is correct if you do not count the Pico remotes. However, which the linked dialog in Google says there are four devices fron Lutron, only three show up as devices in Home in Google. Cannot find the reason why. Anyone here had that experience and can help me out with a solution?Thanks in advance.Dave

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    Have you tried unlinking Lutron from Google in the Google Home app, and then relinking them together?If the same thing happens, is it the same device that doesn't show up in Google, or does a different device not show up?If the same device, what kind of device is it? A dimmer? A switch? Other? What is the Lutron model number of the device?

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