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Thread: 24V LED strip and PAR LED lamp in the same dimming circuit

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    24V LED strip and PAR LED lamp in the same dimming circuit

    Hi, My name is Dumitru and I am new to this community. I have a project that involved a PAR 38W LED (120V) lamp and 24V LED strip (run by LED driver) on the same circuit. My question is if it possible to dimm the circuit with just one dimmer switch (controller)? Do I have to have two separate circuits in order to dimm the fixture? Thank you Dumitru

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    Hello Dumitru, yes it is possible to mix different types of LED on one dimmer but when you do this it can cause unforeseen compatibility issues like flickering or effect the dimming range of either set of lights. It could also dim perfectly well, but there is no way for us to promise dimming compatibility. What you will want to do is make sure that you choose a dimmer that is the correct dimming style for both sets of lights. We'd recommend contacting both LED manufacturers for a list of compatible dimmers and see if there are any that work for both sets of lights.

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