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Thread: Grafik T GT-150 install

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    Grafik T GT-150 install

    I’m trying to install the GT-150 single pole dimmer to replace a regular switch in an old prewar building. Upon installation - live and neutral wires only - the ceiling light and dimmer both flash once and then turn off completely. Moving the FASS up and down doesn’t do anything. Light and dimmer show no signs of life.
    Any help greatly appreciated.

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    Hello n00b99,Thanks for your post! The GT-150 would need to have the hot wire from your breaker that delivers electricity to the wallbox connected to the solid black wire on the back of the GT-150. The wire that delivers that electricity from the wallbox to the lighting load (often called a switched leg) should be connected to the red wire on the back of the GT-150. Nothing will be connected to the blue wire in a single pole application. Green should be tied to ground if available. If you are dealing with knob and tube wiring as you indicated it was an old prewar building -- you should not use this or any other Lutron dimming controls in this application and instead should consult with an electrician to have the wiring brought up to NEC code. If everything above checks out, we would advise utilizing the dimmer with an incandescent or halogen light bulb with a minimum wattage of 40 watts to ensure the functionality of the dimmer.If this fails, please give us a call from site at our 24/7 technical support line @ 1-888-LUTRON1 (588-7661)Hope this info helps! -JustinF.

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