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Thread: One bulb does not go off, the 2nd down the line goes off as scheduled

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    One bulb does not go off, the 2nd down the line goes off as scheduled

    Everything was working fine, then I changed the schedule for my porch lights, controlled by Lutron Caseta wireless. The first bulb above the front door, a 5-watt LED, now does not go out when it is supposed to (it's full on, not ghosting) but the second bulb down the line (CFL), lighting the steps, does go out as scheduled. When I operate the switch (which controls both lights) manually and via an iphone app, both bulbs work. When I turn off both bulbs, they both come on as scheduled, but the one bulb does not go off as scheduled. Anyone out there who can help? It was working before!! I'm baffled (haha the other kind of baffle) Many thanks in advance!

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    Most dimmers do not like mixed load types. Lutron CL dimmers are designed to accommodate incandescent and CFL/LED. You would need the 6WCL for this application. You can also adjust the low-end trim so the lights drop off at, say, 15%. You lose some dimming range but the bulbs go off together.
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    Thanks Randy. I will change out the bulbs to 6WCL and report back!

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    Yes, worked!! I changed out CFL with LED so entire line was on LED and everything goes off and on as scheduled. Tada! I kept the 5-watt LED and it goes off so I guess I'm lucking out. Thanks Randyc!

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