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Thread: Maestro Wireless

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    Maestro Wireless

    I recently got a Caseta starter kit.

    And from reading the posts on this site and reading what is on lutron's site, only Caseta products (and some shade and some honeywell thermostats) will work with with the smart bridge, correct?

    I have some Maestro switches (not wireless) in my home and like the way they function and way they look and would like all switches to look and function in a similar manner.

    What systems do Maestro Wireless work with since it does not work with Caseta?
    is there a hack way to make them work with with the CSB?

    I like the idea of being able to control things remotely and have scene. I am a typical middle class and not looking to spend a fortune to control a few lights.

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    Maestro is standalone so it will not 'integrate' with anything. In my master bath I mix and match Maestro with Caseta. I use Caseta for dimmers and Maestro for exhaust fan timer and light switches.

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