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Thread: Aux Repeater

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    Aux Repeater

    This client has a guest room 200 feet away from main house... I’m planning to install an auxiliary repeater with a wired connection in an underground pvc conduit, what cable should I use..??

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    I've never actually had this situation before but I recall it requires you to use Lutron keypad wire. It has 2 18AWG wires and 2 22AWG twisted/shielded communication wires.

    Have a look at this for more information:

    Hope this helps!
    Evan Kirkhart- Home Electronics Solutions

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    I already ordered the GRX-CBL-346S ... my concern is the condensation inside the conduit... installation is in Miami.
    Also got a doubt with connection... if the 18 gauge pair is for power then I don’t need to plug the auxiliary to a power outlet..??

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    Yes, you can power the repeater over the RS485 link. Given a choice, I'd plug it in and not use terminal 2 (power).

    I wouldn't worry about the condensation. The individual conductors are insulated then wrapped in a jacket. There are plenty of line voltage cables in underground conduits in Miami. So far the only issue is the occasional hanging chad. Don't nick it when you pull it and it will be fine.
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