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Thread: Smart Bridge new setup config to app

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    Question Smart Bridge new setup config to app

    Im now to this but I cant seem to connect to the bridge to save my life. first I had the wrong "smart" app opened so I consequently pressed and held the button on the side and now when I try to connect using the right app I cant seem to get it. I can look at the router and I see the MAC address but not an IP. Any help would be great. Again I am a novice to this so please I need detailed steps to fix this.. thanks.

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    Try resetting the bridge to factory default. The link below is our very own SDR-Mike demonstrating the process on a dimmer.

    Triple-tap and hold the small button on the back of the bridge. The LED around the bridge should pulse.
    Release the button and triple-tap again. The LED ring will pulse at a different rate.
    Mike likes to do 5 taps just to make sure.

    Lutron also uses multicast. Make sure it is enabled on your router and any switches.
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