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Thread: Should I use Lutron HVAC control or NEST?

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    Should I use Lutron HVAC control or NEST?

    Reaching out for some advice. I am designing an inclusive Lutron lighting system for a residential contract. There will be an RTI control system overlay for interfacing with each electronic system (Lutron, Surveillance, Security, Gate Control, distributed audio, etc). RTI has drivers for both Lutron and NEST HVAC control.

    I have not employed either of Lutron's HVAC solutions: "all-in-one" Honeywell TSTAT or HVAC Contoller + SeeTEMP + Temp Sensor. Not a big fan of the Honeywell TSTAT as the user interface would seem too non-intuitive for a customer. I have employed AprilAire TSTATS before with similar interface and it ended up being too difficult for customer to use. The Lutron HVAC controller solution seems expensive and has a lot of moving parts. There are (4) independent HVAC zones on the property. From your experience which of the three HVAC controller options (NEST, Honeywell, HVAC Controller) would you recommend?

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    I've had jobs that have used up to 7 of the Honeywell TouchPros. Integration was easy, and the programming of the units was done via the software. The end-user would use the Lutron app to make permanent changes. Hope that helps.
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    I am a homeowner and early adopter of RR2 temp control. Implemented 3.5 yrs ago. I have the HVAC controllers and all of my zones have the remote sensors which is a great benefit. The most important thing in my selection was eliminating the unsightly temp control "traditional"style controls. I also thought that nest only controls one zone. Plus even though nest looks cool, I wanted the thermostat controls to disappear. Overall, I am very happy with my decision. I do agree that those HVAC controllers at around $600 a piece are $$$.

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    What kills me, and hopefully it will change soon, is that caseta integrates with Nest but Ra2 doesn't (yet).

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    Radio Ra2 and Homeworks QS will be able to integrate with the Connect bridge that will be released early this year.

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