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Thread: Help with understanding Total Dimmable LED Wattage Table

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    Help with understanding Total Dimmable LED Wattage Table

    Hi, just got the Caseta starter kit and installed the switch, but realized my bulbs are CFLs and not compatible so I've pulled them out.Before I run to the store and grab something that doesn't work, I wanted to figure out the gist of what I'm looking for.I realize there's a compatibility list available but I'm looking for a dimmable LED with brighter light and my options with what I can purchase around here are limited.I'm looking for help specifically on how to read the table found in the install instructions where it states when you remove the side sections of the switch it reduces the maximum wattage of the dimmer.I've had to remove the side sections on one side so I'm looking at configuration B in the table.What I don't understand are all the numbers below it and how to use the chart.If it helps - I'm hunting for a daylight (between 4000-5000K) LED E23 bulb, Philips is the most accessible brand I've seen around where I am.Thanks...!

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    I should note I'm putting 3 bulbs into this 1 dimmable switch

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    The metal face of the dimmer (heat sink) is used to dissipate heat generated by the dimmer. If you remove part of the heat sink you reduce the ability to dissipate heat so you must reduce the maximum load on the dimmer. In most cases, LEDs don't draw enough power to reach the heat dissipation limit. Depending on the dimmer you are looking at, you may notice the wattage rating for the dimmer does not change with LED bulbs. Other factors will limit the capacity of the dimmer.

    Dimmers in general don't like using mixed load types, incandescent and LED for example. Lutron CL dimmers do allow you to mix incandescent and certain types of LEDs. There should also be a table that says if you use 25 watts of LED the maximum incandescent you can use is 500w with no sides removed, 400w with 1 side removed, 300w with 2 sides removed. However, if you use all LED bulbs, this derating does not apply.

    Generally speaking, I've gotten good results from Cree, Philips, and EcoSmart (Home Depot store brand).
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