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Thread: Telnet no response

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    Question Telnet no response

    I can connect to my main repeater via telnet and get the system to execute commands, such as pressing a button. However, there is no response from the telnet session. Queries do not generate any response, even a simple ?help. Any suggestions as to what I'm doing wrong or suggestions on how to fix my problem?

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    It could be the telnet client you are using. You can also check the integration protocol. There is a command for turning monitoring on/off.
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    Finally figured it out and thought I’d document the answer for future reference. As it turns out there are two default accounts setup when shipped, lutron/lutron and lutron/integration. I was using lutron/lutron, which was not working correctly. When I logged in with lutron/integration everything started working correctly. Apparently they must be setup with difference access privileges.

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