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Thread: Heat

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    I have had a dimmer controlling 6 halogen wall washers for about 18 years. It is a four way set up ( three switches plus the lamp circuit). Recently I got a nest thermostat which is mounted above the switch bank that includes this dimmer. The heat from the dimmer is causing the thermometer in the thermostat to read about 3 or more degrees high when the lights are on. No option with nest to adjust but when lights are off temp is right anyway. Not good to put dimmer at far end so I will change it. I have updated to Maestro elsewhere and noticed no heat from dimmer. Can I count on no heat from the other digital dimmers or should I just go all the way to Maestro?

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    A modern dimmer will produce less heat but I don't believe the difference between electronic and mechanical, as far as heat generation is significant.

    Another way to reduce the heat is to reduce the load. You could lower the wattage of the Halogen or replace them with LED. If you have MR16 halogen with magnetic transformers, I would not change them to LED.

    Is it possible to move the thermostat? Maybe a few inches up or right/left?

    I'm not familiar with Nest but many of those type Thermostats have remote sensors.
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