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Thread: Problem with in wall switch

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    Problem with in wall switch

    Had no issues with 1 of my in wall switches until today. Light doesn’t turn on (even using the buttons) and I see the led blinking green then quick red and back to green in a loop. Removed from Caséta app and can’t re-pair. Was looking for a document that explains what this blinking code means. Can anyone offer assistance ?


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    Make sure you have the minimum load for your device. Typically ~50w or 1-2 LEDs.

    You may need to reset it to factory defaults. This link is our very own SDR-Mike demonstrating the procedure.

    The Caseta Advanced Instructions (link below) have some blink codes listed. The installation instructions for your device may have blink codes unique to your device.
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    When the LED on the PD-5WS-DV switch flashes red, it's because the load is too small for the switch.There should have been a Minimum Load Capacitor (model LUT-MLC) included with the switch. This needs to be installed up at the load to help ensure the switch works properly.

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