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Thread: DVCL-153P Miswired?

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    DVCL-153P Miswired?

    There are two switches controlling my dining room chandelier. I installed a DVCL-153P at one location and tested the dimming capability. All was good, so I switched the chandelier off.Then I tried using the second (conventional) switch; immediately the chandelier made a pop and there was no light. Here's the weird part: I just tested all of the bulbs in a different fixture and each works fine. Also, *no* breaker was tripped at my panel.So.... what in the world is going on?

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    Wiring Photo

    I'm attaching a photo of the wiring. Note that contrary to video I looked at on the Lutron site, all of the white wires are tied together and tucked inside the box. Excluding the obvious ground wire, the original switch was connected to two black wires and one red. I noted the common black; it's tagged in the photo with blue tape (upper right).I connected the dimmer's solid red wire to the solid red wire that was connected to the org. switch. The dimmer's striped red wire I had connected to the other black wire that was connected to the org. switch. These two wires are now disconnected (lower center of photo).

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    I think I got it. Per, I've now connected the red/white wire to the solid red, and the solid red wire to black. I had these reversed, as the B&W paper instructions that came with the dimmer didn't specify.

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