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Thread: Trouble programming keypad

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    Trouble programming keypad

    I am trying to program a RRD-W6BRL keypad and having trouble. I called Lutron support and after holding for 30 minutes to speak to someone, the person on the phone was totally useless. She couldn't figure it out and told me to take the course and get the software instead of helping me. I plan to do that at some point, but not now. Now I need to get this working without the software.Let me start by saying that I reset the keypad to factory settings (triple-tap-hold-triple-tap) and also pulled the tab at the bottom of the keypad. I've done these multiple times, so we can eliminate that as a troubleshooting step.I start but entering assign mode by holding the top and bottom buttons of the keypad for six seconds. According to the Simple Setup instructions "If the column was previously programmed, all of the LEDs in the column will scroll sequentially. If this is the first time the column is programmed, only the top and bottom LEDs will flash alternately."My problems start here because even after resetting, all six LED scroll sequentially when I enter assign mode. Why is this happening? Is the keypad defective?Beyond that, the Simple Setup instructions seem to be missing a critically important step, which I will ask about once I get assign mode working right.Any help greatly appreciated.

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    I wish they would Sticky this darn thread- Your description is telling me the keypad did not default. Happens a lot, even to those of us that have been doing this for ten years. almost everyone thinks they are "triple tapping" fast enough. Most do not. Best to run five taps- super fast. Extra taps don't hurt.
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    I apologize for what happened on the phone.Here's the steps I took to program a Ra2 keypad in Simple Setup mode a few minutes ago:I held the top and bottom buttons on the keypad. The button indicators all flash while I hold the top & bottom buttons, and then scroll downwards (waterfall) when I release them.I then go to the dimmer and hold the button on the dimmer for 6 second, until all the indicators start flashing at the same time.Once I added all of the dimmers, I then held the top and bottom buttons on the keypad until they stopped flashing.They keypad was then controlling the dimmers directly.

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    Was your system ever programmed using the RA2 software? You can program the system via software or manual button presses but not both. If you system was ever programmed with the RA2 software you can not manually add or change the programming.

    In the demo our very own SDR-Mike made you will notice the lights cycling up/down after the first triple tap. This indicates you are in reset mode. They will cycle at a slower rate after the 2nd triple tap. Give it a minute or so to complete the process.
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