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Thread: Any compatibility/upgrade path?

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    Any compatibility/upgrade path?

    Hi all -So the Lutron website has a compatibility chart that mentions that the (soon-to-be-discontinued?) 6CL's work with both RR2-S and Caseta, at least.But does that mean that if I buy a RRD2-6CL it will work with Caseta? Or does the chart mean PD-6CL for Caseta, RRD2-6CL for RadioRa2/RadioRa2Select. Is there even such a thing as PD-6CL?

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    PD-6CL is the Caseta dimmer.
    Caseta dimmers can only be used with Caseta, and R2S/RA2 dimmers can only be used with RA2. The same applies to HomeWorks. The only component that can be re-used with any system is Pico remotes

    Hope this helps!
    Evan Kirkhart- Home Electronics Solutions

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    Thanks, Evan. That pretty much convinces me to stick to Maestro RF. The device selection on Caseta is poor (and, oh, you give up hub control of the device if you want to use a sensor), RA2 Select apparently hobbles the dimmer features, and RA2 is a big ask just so my five year old can control her room lights via Alexa. Lutron could swoop in overnight and totally own the smaller home automation market dominated by Belkin's Wemo if they had a vaguely sensible market segmentation strategy.

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