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Thread: Maestro timer not capable of running nutone fan/light combo??

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    Maestro timer not capable of running nutone fan/light combo??

    I'll start with letting everyone know I was an electrician apprentice/mechanic for 2 years so I'm sure the switch installation is correct. Feel free to talk tech of needed :) .

    I just purchased the maestro timer for my fan and light combo in my new bathroom. I really want to use this switch. I saw online that there may be 2 versions, I have the 600w 3amp model and the switch does not require a neutral connection.

    It worked great for 2 days, then this morning it stopped working. All the LEDs are lit on the switch. I'm assuming something internal in the switch has fried and thus all the LEDs are stuck on. Is there a way to reset the switch possibly? Considering it worked fine for a could of days did I just possibly get a faulty switch? If this seems like an issue that my fan/light combo is to powerful is there another timer I could use? I really like the look of these Lutron switches and want to use this one and probably upgrade my 2 dimmers to the Lutron dimmer switches. I think it would look great in my new bathroom.

    Thanks for any insight. Much appreciated!

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    Might be a defective unit. Assuming you are within the 3A max, I would call Technical Support (18005239466), they are very helpful and will send a replacement if necessary.

    Hope this helps!
    Evan Kirkhart- Home Electronics Solutions

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    The MA-T51 (non-neutral) timer is only rated for incandescent, MLV and exhaust fans. If you have a CFL or LED bulb you will need the MA-T51MN (neutral) timer.

    Also, you can not put any Lutron Timers in parallel. I'm not sure why. The MA-T51MN supports multi-location with the use of a MA-AS companion switch. You only have on/off control at the other locations.
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