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Thread: Where to see dimmers and switch options

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    Where to see dimmers and switch options

    My wife has nixed Caseta switches, too cheap looking and too hard to feel in the dark since they're flat.I'd like to show her the options with RA2 and RA2 select. I'm either looking in the wrong place on the website, or there are not any great images of the available options. I'm in the boonies so no dealers close by. Are there engraving options at these levels?Thanks.

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    RadioRA2- RA2Select: Scroll around and click a few times. RA2 Select uses the same Picos that Caseta does, RadioRA2 offers engravable keypads.
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    Hardware stores, home centers and even some Walmarts carry Lutron Maestro products. RA2 dimmers and switches are identical looking but have a radio stuffed inside.

    Lutron will engrave anything, even the Maestro buttons. Local engravers will also do most of the products. They don't like curved surfaces so the local guys probably won't do the seeTouch keypads.
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