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Thread: Ghosting PD-6ANS

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    Ghosting PD-6ANS

    I have Caseta PD-6ANS wireless switch. My outdoor LED is on continuous very dimmed. This is non dimmed with a connected neutral. Obviously the LED fixture is not compatible, however can Lutron capacitor be installed to correct the issue, if so will a MLC work.
    Only 1 11 watt future.
    Also, if no solution will this shorten my lamp life and how much power am I actually wasting?

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    When you turn the lights on do they go to full brightness? If not, there are other issues.

    The MLC is typically used with non-neutral switches when the lights don't turn completely off. Since your switch has a neutral, the MLC probably isn't going to help. It does consume some power. I can't imagine it draws more than a couple of watts.

    Make sure you have power connected to the black lead and the wire going to the light connected to the red wire. Make sure there is nothing connected to the blue wire. If you have a multi-location circuit, refer to "Caseta Advanced Instructions."
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    Similar issue

    Not to hijack this thread, but I’m experiencing a similar issue. My outside light (switch, not dimmer), is not at full brightness.

    You mentioned that if this is the case, there could be other issues. What were you referring to?

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    Similar Issue

    I have the same issue. PD-6ANS powering an LED light bar through a 110v/15a outlet. I just ordered an MLC. will report back when installed.

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    This was solved with an MLC. I put it pretty close to the fixture because the switch box was quite full.

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