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Thread: Brightness Setting Issue

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    Exclamation Brightness Setting Issue

    Hello,We have a Lutron Caséta Wireless on our wall that appears as the image linked below: default brightness at its current setting is far too dim! None of the video instructions I have found online have been compatible with the style of the device we have. The trouble is, we only have one light sensor. It seems to blink for everything, regardless of tap sequence. As soon as you press a button or let go, the sensor is triggered and it blinks. It's confusing to know if I am tapping and holding for the right length of time to update it's default dimness.I have tried a couple of recommended tap sequences on this device from videos:-Tap the "On" button 3 times & hold the 3rd time for 6 seconds. Then press the "On" button 3 times to reset it to the factory settings.-Hold the "On" button and the "Down" arrow for 6 seconds until receiving a signal from the sensor. Then hold the down arrow. Then adjust the brightness. Then hold the "Off" button for 6 seconds to reset its memory.The sensor is already blinking before I can complete these taps sequences OR it's not responsive at all. I'm attaching the videos I have found and tested with no success. Is there one I'm missing for this style device?Restoring a Caseta Wireless Dimmer to Factory Default Your Favorite Light Level Setting there another device I am supposed to be resetting? It's the only control on the wall at the room entrance which operates the lights, but it also looks like a Lutron remote so I'm unsure if there is a central device without the "favorite" option I should be looking for.Can you confirm a couple of things:1) This should be the device where the default lighting is programmed2) Any reasoning the sensor may be blinking sporadically or unresponsive to tap sequences3) Written steps for updating the correct device to reset the brightness4) (If Possible) Video instructions for updating the default light settingsAny information you can provide around this would be incredibly helpful. Thank you!

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    Unfortunately the first link got mangled so it would help if you could provide a model number. You mentioned "sensor" a couple of times. There are no sensors in the Caseta family. If you have a Maestro sensor, the reset procedure may be different. I would need the model number to confirm.

    The link below is a video of our very own SDR-Mike demonstrating the reset procedure. You will notice he taps more than 3 times. That's just to make sure he gets 3 taps in quickly enough. If you get the first 3 quick enough you will see the lights cycle up/down (or flash if it is a switch). If you get the last 3 right you will see the lights cycle slower (flash slower for a switch). There is no hold for the 2nd triple-tap. Make sure you give the device a minute or so to complete the reset procedure.
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    Thanks so much for the video, it's super helpful! I've been told I have a Caseta remote at the office, which looks a little different. I'm unsure if I should be looking for a device like yours. I put together a quick video of the device I have access to:

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    Check out a quick video of the device I have access to: steps to have the lighting adjusted from this one device? Should I be looking for another device to make it happen?

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