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Thread: Sivoia QS Wireless Dongle Flashing Red

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    Question Sivoia QS Wireless Dongle Flashing Red

    We are trying to add wireless capabilities to our Sivoia QS Wired Setup by using the QSYC-J-RCVR wireless dongle and PICO remotes.

    Setup:Sivoia QS Wired Shades (QSSC-EDU-R100s)Sivoia Smart Panel QSPS-10PNLWired SeeTouch Controls
    When we add the wireless dongle to the window treatment drive it immediately flashes red continuously. When we try to follow the instructions to assign a Pico remote we never get to assignment mode on the drive nor dongle (flashing green), the dongle never stops flashing red.
    What does flashing red continously mean? There is no documentation on the technical library from Lutron for troubleshooting this dongle.

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    Here are the blink codes for the wired shade and the wireless dongle: shades can communicate either on the QS wired link, or wirelessly using the antenna dongles. They can't do both at the same time.The dongle will flash rapid red it sees more than one shade. In order to get the dongle to stop flashing rapidly, you would have to disconnect the wires from pins 3 & 4 from your shade 4-pin power connector, which would unfortunately cut the QS link communication to your SeeTouch keypads.For what you are looking to do, instead of using an antenna on seach shade, I would recommend using a QSM2 module wired to the link instead: can use this module interface to control the wired shades wirelessly using Pico remotes.Here is our Application Note #463 which details the steps needed to program a wireless Pico remote to control a wired QS shade through the QSM2 module interface: you need additional assistance, feel free to call our 24-hour Technical Support hotline at 1-844-588-7661.

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    Brian,Removing the QS Link connectors (3 & 4) allowed us to configure the wireless connectors. Now we are able to also use the RA2 setup.Thanks for your help.

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